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The Worldwide BMW 8 Series Registry
Complete Data and Statistics
1990-99 BMW 8 Series

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Rare and beautiful . . . .

Effortless in design and function.

Ahead of its time when introduced in 1989, the E31 BMW 8 Series is currently enjoying a resurgence in global popularity after the last car was produced May 1999.

The E31 BMW 8 Series Registry's preservation mission is to  catalog, document and promote one of the pre-eminent sought-after collector cars from the late 20th century.

Latest News

Tuesday, June 04, 2013
8,888 8ers in the 8Coupe archive... and more!

A very busy year of the 8Coupe team has led to another milestone - more than 9,000 cars were in the archives at the end of May 2013 and en route in the same month we also passed the "magic" 8er number of 8,888 cars.

 We are only a few cars shy of 30% (9187 cars) of the entire worldwide production and already a wide margin beyond the past ambitious long term target of 25% (7655 cars) reached in February 2012. 

The size of the entire 8Coupe archive has grown to 33 GB data containing near 240.000 files of which 145.000 are car pictures and almost 29.000 are PDF documents relating to specific cars.    


Catalog Project Update

1990-1999 E31 Registry

8er Catalog Status Report


2014 Year to Date  8er's
March 2014 9,946
February 2014 9,807
Additions last month 139
Additions 2014 256
Additions 2013 1148
% of Production
33.3% Milestone 97.4%


Selected Salvage Listing

Chassis: CB75327
Source: CarFax
Salvage: Rebuilt

Chassis: CD05183
Source: AutoCheck
Salvage: Junked

Owner Registry

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Archived 8er VIN Check

We have near 10,000 8er's cataloged with detailed information. Please make use of the search box below to find out whether a specific car is in the archives. 

To perform a search enter the last 7 digits of the VIN e.g. CC67485. 


 The search result contains the number of archived pictures (JPG) and documents (PDF) along with the first and last archival dates in ISO format YYYYMMDD. 

Archived: 166.947 JPG pics, 32.790 PDF docs

 There is no online repository for the files archived. In case you would like to obtain information about a specific car or  report a VIN not yet in the archive please do so using the contact form!

Last updated: 2014-03-31

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Did you know... ?

Tyre Pressure Control (RDC)

The 8-series was meant to be the pinnacle of technical possibilities for BMW in the early 90´s. Numerous hitherto unknown technical features supposedly ought to have been in the E31´s cradle, amongst them a system called Tyre Pressure Control (abbreviated RDC in German).

Tyre Pressure Control was installed in 11 E31 prototypes before the decision must have been made that the system was not yet ready for public consumption. The button depicted above can be seen in the BMW convertible prototype which is currently on display in the Munich BMW World Museum.

The convertible is property of the BMW Classic and can usually also be seen upon appointment. 

Fact Nbr 5 - 2012-01-19

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