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Team Overview

The Registry Volunteer Team provides key input and assistance for's vision and mission, including:
  • Capturing 8er's for archive cataloging (e.g. photos, sales advertisements, etc.);
  • Leading country-specific efforts in establishing a local BMW 8 Series Registry Validation;and
  • Approval of Registry registration applications 

Get Involved

The Registry Volunteer Team is a great place to get involved with helping preserve the 8 Series through the Inventory Project.

Get involved by volunteering to help promote and preserve the E31 through:

  • Contribute to the Registry catalog effort by submitting vehicles to the archives;
  • Assist in cataloging 8's for your specific country with mutual support from the team; or
  • Join the Registry Volunteer Team and help with specific research projects and/or general assistance

To get started, send us an inquiry through the Contacts page.



The E31 Registry's success over the years is directly tied to the volunteer team's efforts.

 Current Team Members


Country Member Note 
Germany Reinhard Wolf  Global E31 Registry Agent

Australia Theo Hoffs Member since 2005
Belgium Pierre Goffinet  Member since 2005 
Canada Tom Carter (Wuffer)  BC 8's Registry
Canada  Rob Scott Alberta E31 Registry 
France Philippe Gegou  Member since 2007
Germany Andreas Rieder Member since 2013
Germany Harry Giessbeck Member since 2010
Italy Vacant  
Japan Vacant  
Netherlands Vacant ClubE31.NL 
New Zealand Vacant   
Norway Terje Nordhus Norway E31 Registry
South Africa Vacant   
Jesús Hernández Campo
Spain E31 Registry
Sweden Kees -  Global Alpina Registry Agent 
Sweden  Per Helmer Sweden E31 Registry 
Turkey Fatih Aloglu & Enis Simsek Turkey E31 Registry
United Kingdom  Peter Rice  Member since 2003
United States Brian Eales  USA E31 Registry Agent
United States Chris Knauer (CKJumbo)  Dinan8 Registry

Emeritus Team Members


Country Member Note 
France Fabrice Dray 2005 - 2008
Germany Tony Smisek 2003 - 2007
Norway Carl Tsigakis  2004 - 2007
United States  Bert Smith Founder
1997 - 2002
United States Steve Castle  2002 - 2006 
United States Tyrone Davoodian 2004 - 2006
United States JG Spencer Global Registry Agent
2002 - 2010

To contact these team members, visit the Contacts page and submit an inquiry. 


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