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E31 Repair Manual

BMW offers the 8 Series Repair manual online (free-of-charge).  The last manual prepared by BMW was dated November 1994 and includes support for the M60 840Ci, M70 850Ci, M73 850Ci and the S70 850CSi (much of which is interspersed with the M70 support).

For the M62 840Ci, everything in this manual applies except for the engine.  Specific engine support can be found from other BMW manuals.

November 1994 - E31 Repair Manual

RealOEM.com - Parts Search

This site's primary mission is to replicate the BMW parts catalog online.  It contains all part numbers for Euro and North American-spec vehicles.  It includes USA pricing and search functionality by:

  • Part number (cross reference parts with other BMW models)
  • Chassis number
  • Model range

RealOEM.com Online Parts Database


BMWFans.info - Parts Search

Offering the same mission as RealOEM.com, this site provides a better graphical interface, newer diagrams, Euro pricing, and predecessor part numbers.

BMWfans.info Online Parts Catalog



BMW-certified mechanics on the E31/8 Series are less evident at BMW dealers in North America.  A great resource to find E31 certified mechanics is BIMRS.org.  BIMRS is a cooperative, non-profit organization gathered to facilitate education, training, problem solving and good business practices in the repair and servicing of BMW automobiles.


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