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Bimmerforums has surpassed the original public forum,, as the specialized "go to" E31 forum in 2010.  WIth zero visibility until a few years ago, E31 enthusiasts from around the world are beginning to participate in its robust forums.  It also includes sub-forms for Do It Yourself (DIY) repairs and classifieds. 

From their website: Bimmerforums is a website dedicated to owners and enthusiasts of BMW automobiles. We invite you to browse around and see the vast amount of information that is available to you here. Be sure to take a look at our forum-style message board where thousands of members discuss BMW related topics around the clock! Our message board is the heart of Bimmerforums with a huge following of members that grows daily. If you like to share and exchange information and ideas about BMW related topics, this is the place for you! If you prefer to just lurk and learn we love to have visitors also! We are not associated with, or financially supported by, BMW. The site is free to all non-commercial members.

E31 Forum - Bimmerforums.Com

The next generation E31 FAQ for the up and coming 8er enthusiast.  Check out the well-written AHK article.




Wuffer.Net Logo

This webspace is run by Wuffer, a rabid 8er owner located in British Columbia, Canada.  Wuffer helps coordinate several organized WrenchFests throughout the Northwest USA and Western Canada, including some held at his home. Wuffer's "door" is always open to anyone in the area as well as contact via phone or email.  His webspace continues to become a growing destination for legions of 8er owners.



E31FAQ.Com logo

E31FAQ.Com's mission is to provide a centralized repository of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for the BMW 8 Series.

Over 200 articles by BMW 8 Series owners worldwide are freely available to the community.  Arranged by the BMW parts classification system, this sister webspace is a must-go place to learn about the 8 Series. E31FAQ.Com is a resource site that accumulates infromation from several discussion boards and 8er owners. is now folded into 8er.Org. at 8er.Org


E31.Net Logo

Since its December 1999 launch, the popularity of this site has increased enormously. Originally the site, still named, was to provide correct information for the owner's BMW 850CSi.

At that time (and unfortunately this continues today) lots of inaccurate information could be found on the Internet, irritating people who were really interested in the 8 Series. E31.Net's mission, along with 8Coupe.Com, is to provide a webspace counterweight by presenting verifiable data on the 8 Series.

Meanwhile has grown to become one of the web's reliable sources of information on the BMW 8 Series coupé - thanks to a vast number of visitors and loads of email which kept the motivation alive to turn this site into something special.


Roadfly Logo

This specialized E31 forum began in earnest on 30-March-1999.  WIth humble origins, a small and focused family of E31 enthusiasts began to congregate in this webspace.  It was the only dedicated cyberplace in the world where 8er owners could share their ownership experiences.  Roadfly was instrumental in the creation of the various websites and clubs that have formed surrounding the BMW 8 Series. Today, continues to host the most visited E31 forum in the world. is an automotive portal with multiple brand specific channels. Roadfly allows consumers to gain access to a comprehensive menu of automotive solutions throughout the full life cycle of vehicle ownership including features such as an online parts and accessories superstore, brand and model specific message boards, new and used car listings, classifieds, auctions, photo galleries, car buying tips, financing, and more.

E31 Forum - Roadfly.Com

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