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Catalog Update: 1992 850i 6spd (NA)

An accounting of the highly sought-after BMW M70 850Ci 6spd manuals was recently completed for the 1992 model year.  Previously the 1993 850Ci 6spd model year was completed (see news). The North American 850i/Ci 6spd was produced for the 1991-1993 model years, including one special-ordered 1994 model for the Canadian market, for a total of 847 cars.

BMW carried over the 1991 model year to the 1992 model year relatively unchanged until late 08/1991 production.  For the annual engineering change, BMW had several engineering changes implemented based on the 18 months of warranty data and the movement of the seat heating switches from seat side to the console surrounding the gearshift. BMW cut production for 1992 model year over 50% from 1991 model year production because there were too much unsold 8er's on dealer lots and the effects of the Persian Gulf War and the recession..

posted @ Saturday, June 05, 2010 by Registry

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