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Norway E31 Owner Joins Registry Team

Mr. Terje Nordhus joins the Inventory Project Team from Norway.  As the recently proud owner of a 1994 S70 850CSi, Mr. Nordhus brings his newly acquired passion to the E31 Registry by coordinating the catalog effort for E31's residing in Norway (approaching 100 8's).

posted @ Friday, January 29, 2010 by Registry

8er Options Listing Online

The 8er Options listings are now online.  Over 175 different options codes were used during the production of the 8 Series from 1989 to 1999.  Currently, the listings are in summary format.  In 2010 an updated Options detail listing is planned complete with photos.

posted @ Sunday, December 20, 2009 by Registry

BMW Car Mag (UK) - Great 8's Article

The 20th Anniversary of the 8 Series is thoroughly covered in the 12/2009 issue of BMW Car (UK) magazine.  This issue is currently for sale now in the United Kingdom and is expected to arrive at international bookstores by early December 2009.

posted @ Sunday, November 22, 2009 by Registry

20th Launch Anniversary

Today is the 20th Launch Anniversary of the E31 platform, or better known as the BMW 8 Series.  With much fanfare and anticipation, the BMW 8 Series was introduced to an enthusiastic crowd at the IAA Frankfurt Auto Show. 

posted @ Monday, September 07, 2009 by Registry

Turkey E31 Owner Joins Registry Team

Mr. Fatih Aloglu joins the Inventory Project Team from Turkey.  As the proud owner of a 1990 M70 850iA and a 1996 M73 850CiA Individual, Mr. Aloglu brings his lifelong passion to the E31 Registry by sharing a number of interesting E31's, including a long-lost Alpina B12 5.0 and reportedly the "last" delivered 850CSi by a BMW dealer in Turkey in 1997.

posted @ Friday, July 31, 2009 by Registry

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