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Milestone: Active E31 Register: 4,002

Since last month's news update, the E31 Registry at dramatically increased the number of collected information on specific 8er's worldwide since August 2002 to 4,002 or 13.1% of all 30,621 8er's produced.  This information includes photos, advertisements, service history, and owner provided data. 

In addition, the Alpina B12 Coupe Register is online and will be available only via premium access.  Details on premium access will be announced later.

As part of its continuing mission of collecting documentation for present and future preservation purposes, the Register effort works in tandem with the Registry and Inventory Project team efforts.  Many 8er enthusiasts from around the world have contributed to the Register with our community thanks and appreciation. In the last 30 days, 170 additional 8er's were added to the Register. 

This data is available to current (and registered) 8er owners free of charge as part of their provenance building efforts.  

Potential 8er owners are welcome to inquire about a specific 8er, only when and if the car is publicly for sale (see Contact page for details).   Past information, if available, may assist a potential 8er owners' purchasing efforts.

posted @ Wednesday, March 18, 2009 by Registry
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