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Dinan 8 TT/6L Registry Launch

With 15 Dinan 8 TT/6L cataloged, the registry is officially activated.  In cooperation with Chris Knauer, the Dinan 8 TT/6L Registry Agent from, the Registry will be continually updated with the shrinking inventory of Dinan TT's still on the road.

Steve Dinan, a well known BMW tuner, turned his attention to the E31 8 Series soonafter the 8er was introduced in Frankfurt in 1989.  In a recent interview with Chris Knauer, he revealed the following production information:

  • Stage 2 M70 5.0L TT = 45
  • Stage 2 M73 5.4L TT = 1
  • Stage 3 M70 5.6L TT = 4 (1 lost; Hong Kong owner, vehicle parted out)
  • Stage 3 S70 5.6L TT = 1
  • Total TT's = 51

In addition, Dinan converted about 30 M70 E31 8er/E32 7er V12's from 5 litres to 6 litres.  Unfortunately, these were problem-plagued conversions which resulted in many of these cars with failed engines.  Dinan eventually perfected the 6 litre conversions, however, the market evaporated and went to Powerplant Racing of South Carolina which produced 7 cars.  The known Dinan 8er/7er's 6 litre cars were either back-converted to M70 5 litres through a new engine or salvaged. 

The Dinan TT Registry is available for viewing for registered 8er owners.

For more information about the Dinan 8 TT/6L, please visit

posted @ Wednesday, May 27, 2009 by Registry
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