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Milestone - 5,000 8er's Cataloged

The Registry Volunteer Team is pleased to announce that we have reached the milestone of 5,000 8er's cataloged for the Registry archives.  This means the archives now has at least one of the following on file:  1) photos; 2) sales ads; 3) online discussions; 4) owner-supplied information; or 5) salvage data (if applicable).

As part of the Registry mission to collect information for future preservation efforts, 5,000 8er's cataloged translates to 16.3% of the 30,621 8er's produced are now archived.  The eventual near-term goal is 25% of 8er's produced, expected to be reached in 2011 at our current pace of accumulating information.  

Reaching this milestone is due to the worldwide efforts of 8er enthusiasts and the Registry Volunteer Team.  The cataloging effort began in earnest after the Inventory Project completed its data gathering phase 10/2006 where build sheets for all 30,621 8er's were secured after a multi-year effort.

posted @ Thursday, February 25, 2010 by Registry
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