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News from the archive - 8.000 cars milestone

A new milestone - 8000 cars in the archives has been reached today. Passing this mark we now have knowledge of 26.1% of all produced E31´s one way or the other.


  • A near linear growth rate has been maintained for more than 3 years now and on average just over 100 new 8ers were added to the archive every month.
  • The 8Coupe archive currently contains 124.000 pictures, nearly 69.000 PDF files and some 10k misc files.
  • We now store more than 200k files adding up to near 27 GB of data.
  • Since passing the 7.000 archived cars milestone in July 2011 we have added roughly 40.000 files averaging in excess of 100 files every single day.

Current market situation and attempt of an outlook:

  • As of late we experience decreasing numbers of new online advertisements worldwide.
  • Major decreases can be seen in one of the main 8-series markets: Japan
  • In the past few years a large percentage of the originally delivered to Japan 8-series cars has been sold by way of wholesale auctions and exported overseas (mainly to Germany, Canada & the Middle East). Great bargains were to be made but slowly demand seems to be larger than the dwindling supplies and prices have been on the rise recently.
  • We also observe gradual price rises in some markets, predominantly Germany and in particular for CSi´s and low mileage specimens.
  • The highly saturated UK market commands the lowest prices worldwide but also seems to be on the way up for well maintained late model year 840´s.
  • The North American market sees medium to high price offers/sales for the highest spec 8-series, the CSi, but many early 840´s and 850´s linger on dealer´s lots forever with asking prices beyond what the market seems to be prepared to pay.
The next unique milestone for the archive will be reaching 8.888 archived 8ers.  Until we manage to pass by this "magic" 8er number we will likely have to do the best part of a year´s work. Registry Team
June, 11th 2012

posted @ Monday, June 11, 2012 by Registry
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