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8 Series - Exterior Colors

Color swatches are sample representations only for reference.
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Exterior Color: Sonderlackierung
English: Special Order
Color Group: Misc
Color Type: Standard|Metallic
Color Code: 490
BMW Part Number
8er's Produced: : 18
  • Outside of Germany, Sonderlackierung, color code 490, is thought to be a real color. 
  • Actually, Sonderlackierung signifies a special color to be applied to a BMW vehicle.
  • There are many 8er vehicles ordered in special order paint.  All but 19 have been identified.
  • The remaining 19 unidentified 8's were either used by BMW AG internally as development vehicles or for high-profile celebrity owners.  Information about these cars are unavailable at this time.



Color images were derived from multiple sources, including BMW AG, PPG/BASF automotive color charts, and owner vehicles. Republishing content is expressly prohibited.

Audited: 01-Feb-2007
Source: 2005 BMW 8 Series Inventory Project