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8 Series - Exterior Colors

Color swatches are sample representations only for reference.
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Exterior Color: Schwarz
English: Black
Color Group: Black
Color Type: Standard
Color Code: 086
BMW Part Number: 51 91 1 813 070
8er's Produced: : 1138

Primarily this colour was a North American event.  Elsewhere in the world, this colour was seen to be unappealing relative to cultural perspectives.

In the USA/Canada market versions, this colour was only offered for the 1991-92 model years.  The last 1992 M70 850i to get this colour was chassis CB74613, a Canadian-spec 8er produced 12/1991.

Schwarz II (code 668), also known as Jet Black, was the successor colour.

Interesting side note;  In Europe, many customers did not like this shade of black. BMW introduced via Special Order (code 490), Schwarz II (code 668) on a case-by-case order basis.  BMW removed Schwarz (086) from its colour catalog in early January 1992 and instead offered Schwarz II (code 668) as the standard colour black.  For the USA/Canada market, there were no Schwarz II 8er's built until 10/1992 as 1993 model year cars.


Color images were derived from multiple sources, including BMW AG, PPG/BASF automotive color charts, and owner vehicles. Republishing content is expressly prohibited.

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Source: 2005 BMW 8 Series Inventory Project