Wednesday, May 27, 2020

8 Series - Interior Colors

Color swatches are sample representations only for reference.
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Interior Color: Silbergrau Stoff
English: Silver Grey Velour Cloth
Upholstery Group: Cloth
Color Code: A5SL
Legacy Color Code: 0347
Legacy Color Name: Silver Grey Cloth
8er's Produced: 291

In the early years of 8er production, there were a large variety of upholstery colors/fabrics to choose from BMW's official catalog.  By the 1993-94 model years, BMW re-evaluated the upholstery catalog for the 8er and promptly removed underperforming colors.

This particular upholstery color was rarely seen in the 8 Series, however, many Japan-spec M70 850i's were ordered with this interior, usually with Mauritius Blue (code 287).


Color images were derived from multiple sources, including BMW AG, aftermarket upholstery color charts, and owner vehicles.  Republishing content is expressly prohibited.

Audited: 01-Feb-2007
Source: 2005 BMW 8 Series Inventory Project