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2000 cars & owners registered with

  Nearly ten years after the first steps into becoming the worldwide 8er registry and archive were made, we have received the personal registration of the 2000th 8-series car today. The 8-series was delivered to more than 80 countries and owners from no less than 66 thereof have signed up with

  The majority of cars registered are located in North America with 50% of all registrations from the US (1008) and more than 150 from Canada. The largest number of registrations in Europe stem from the UK (317). Put together, registrations out of these three countries make up more than 70% of all E31´s in the owner registry. Below is an overview about the currently registered cars & owners home countries (pictures clickable).

The archive currently holds data for 7400 8ers and is nearing the 25% archived milestone to be reached early in 2012. An overview of how those cars are distributed can be found in the July 2011 news.
Throughout the more than two decades of E31 history an uncounted number of 8ers has been removed from service one or the other way but, as one can see, there still is an amazing number of 8-series enthusiasts worldwide and many more that have not yet found their way towards the internet information sources available. 
It still is a long way until the initially set target of 10% registered cars may be reached but we hope that the support through the 8er owners & drivers will eventually lead us there.

posted @ Wednesday, November 30, 2011 by Registry
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