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8 Series - Interior Colors

Color swatches are sample representations only for reference.
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Interior Color: Brasil Nappa
English: Brazil Nappa
Upholstery Group: Leather
Color Code: M5BU
Legacy Color Code: 0360
Legacy Color Name: Brazil Leather
8er's Produced: 33

In the early years of 8er production, there were a large variety of upholstery colors/fabrics to choose from BMW's official catalog.  By the 1993-94 model years, BMW re-evaluated the upholstery catalog for the 8er and promptly removed underperforming colors.

This particular upholstery color was rarely seen in the 8 Series.

The pictures shown are from a 1991 BMW 850iA RHD vehicle that was first registered in the UK 2-January-1991.  As pictured, Laguna Green (code 266)  was the most popular color paired with this interior at 13 produced.

Due to its low orders, this upholstery color was removed from the active catalog in early 1993 after a final special order exterior color, Sebringgrau Metallic (code 229), was paired with this upholstery.  This color combination was applied on a German market 1993 850CiA just before Christmas, 1992.

The bottom two pictures are of a 1990 BMW 850iA (Italy market version), the second 8er to come with this upholstery/interior out of 33 produced.


Color images were derived from multiple sources, including BMW AG, aftermarket upholstery color charts, and owner vehicles.  Republishing content is expressly prohibited.

Audited: 01-Feb-2007
Source: 2005 BMW 8 Series Inventory Project