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8 Series - Interior Colors

Color swatches are sample representations only for reference.
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Anthrazit Buffalo
Interior Color: Anthrazit Buffalo
English: Anthracite Buffalo
Upholstery Group: Leather
Color Code: M6AT
Legacy Color Code: 0180
8er's Produced: 3933

Anthrazit Teilleder Buffalo
Interior Color: Anthrazit Teilleder Buffalo
English: Anthracite Partial Buffalo
Upholstery Group: Leather
Color Code: P6AT
Legacy Color Code: 0499
8er's Produced: 319

Brasil Buffalo
Interior Color: Brasil Buffalo
English: Brazil Buffalo
Upholstery Group: Leather
Color Code: M6BU
Legacy Color Code: 0362
8er's Produced: 129

Brasil Nappa
Interior Color: Brasil Nappa
English: Brazil Nappa
Upholstery Group: Leather
Color Code: M5BU
Legacy Color Code: 0360
8er's Produced: 33

Grau Teilleder Nappa
Interior Color: Grau Teilleder Nappa
English: Grey Partial Nappa
Upholstery Group: Leather
Color Code: N4TT
Legacy Color Code: 0736
8er's Produced: 298

Karmesinrot Mit Schwarz Nappa
Interior Color: Karmesinrot Mit Schwarz Nappa
English: Crimson Red with Black Nappa
Upholstery Group: Leather
Color Code: M5KM
Legacy Color Code: 0361
8er's Produced: 211

Klassichrot Nappa
Interior Color: Klassichrot Nappa
English: Classical Red Nappa
Upholstery Group: Leather
Color Code: N5GD
Legacy Color Code: 0684
8er's Produced: 1

Lotosweiss Teilleder Nappa
Interior Color: Lotosweiss Teilleder Nappa
English: Lotus White Partial Nappa
Upholstery Group: Leather
Color Code: N4LO
Legacy Color Code: 0498
8er's Produced: 80

Montana Sandbeige
Interior Color: Montana Sandbeige
English: Montana Sand Beige
Upholstery Group: Leather
Color Code: N8SN
Legacy Color Code: 0563
8er's Produced: 2

Pergament Hell Mit Brasil Nappa
Interior Color: Pergament Hell Mit Brasil Nappa
English: Light Parchment with Brazil
Upholstery Group: Leather
Color Code: M5PD
Legacy Color Code: 0359
8er's Produced: 285
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Color images were derived from multiple sources, including BMW AG, aftermarket upholstery color charts, and owner vehicles.  Republishing content is expressly prohibited.

Audited: 01-Feb-2007
Source: 2005 BMW 8 Series Inventory Project